Dot has a wonderful spontaneous way of blending energy psychology, energy healing and skilled therapy with gentle humour, moving her clients through spaces with an ease and lightness seldom delivered in this type of venue. She is an attentive, discriminating and compassionate listener. With deep intuitive insight and sensitivity to each person’s unique set of issues, her “homework assignments” are truly lessons in life. Both couples and individuals can benefit from her expertise.
R.H., Healer and Trainer
I have for many years suffered from panic attacks and severe anxiety. I spent many years using anti-depressant and traditional talk therapy, but still did not manage to avoid flair-ups. My wife had been working with Dot on her own issues and would relay the various methods that Dot was introducing her to. As I am by nature a very conservative person in all aspects of my life, I simply rolled my eyes and couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just see a ‘shrink’ like me. All that changed when a quiet spell came to a crashing end with a series of panic attacks that I feared would end my career. With nothing to lose, I met with Dot. From the first meeting, I found methods of alleviating my anxiety and panic, and in fact never did lose my career. Dot’s compassion, insight and approaches have helped me without question. If at some point in my life I will again require some insight and assistance, I will not hesitate in giving Dot a call. Knowing that there is someone like Dot there for me gives me real calm.
I.S., Investment Banker
Dot is a passionately dedicated and fearless therapist. Until I met her, my attempts at healing my childhood pain were most often defeated by overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger. Using her gifts of intuition and sensitivity, as well as a variety of therapeutic skills, she has helped me to release old and self-destructive ways of being and step into a future marked by joy and possibility.
T.P., Teacher