Individual and Couple Therapy provides you the opportunity to explore and gain insight into patterns of behaviour and ways of being in your life.

  • Reinforce and enhance your positive ways of approaching life situations
  • Modify and transform unsupportive or destructive behaviours and perspectives
  • Create for yourself the most satisfying and nourishing life possible

Sex Therapy involves “a range of therapeutic processes and exercises which can be used to initiate, to restore and to enrich both the individual’s sexuality and/or the sexual components of an intimate relationship.” (BESTCO)

  • Learn with a specially trained, non-judgmental, and respectful counsellor
  • Explore and implement a customized range of skills and exercises individually or with your partner(s)
Everyone is entitled to a joyous, adventurous, exciting, vibrant, profound, fulfilling, fun, playful, intimate sexual life.
Dot Whitehouse

Comprehensive Energy Psychology uses “a variety of treatment approaches to embrace the body’s three interactive systems [the meridians and related acupoints, the chakras or energy centres, and the human biofield] in order to facilitate the best possible outcome for the client.” (ACEP)

  • Learn leading edge modalities including EFT, TAT, Releasing Technique, and Guided Self Healing©
  • Apply your new skill set to heal a wide range of life concerns (e.g., peak performance, trauma, fears and phobias)

Energy Medicine, developed by Donna Eden, combines both current scientific knowledge and ancient healing arts for assessing and treating the energy imbalances that underlie physical, emotional and spiritual unwellness.

  • Optimize your body’s dynamic system of energies that form its infrastructure
  • Enrich the flow, balance and harmony of these energies for top health

Energy Healing encompasses a variety of techniques and methodologies that work with the body and its energetic and vibrational fields to attain balance and wellness.

  • Experience healing techniques customized to your specific needs (e.g., Krieger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch™, Usui Reiki, B.O.S.™ (Biocomputer Operating System), Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, and Reconnective Healing™)
  • Explore and benefit from information-gathering modalities such as Regression, Channelling, and Medical Intuition